Welcome to this Wiki's Guidelines. Many of the following guidelines are similar to those found in any community, whether it's offline or online. These are not all meant to be hard and fast rules (although some do overlap with our Terms of Use), but provide guiding principles for wiki community growth and sustainability.


What to do

Here are some guidelines for what you should do:

Jump right in!

Don't be afraid to get started. Anyone is free to edit a wiki, so simply click on edit and get started.

Collaboration is key

Wikis are based on the idea that the crowd, collectively, has a greater sum of knowledge than just one individual. That means collaborating with others is the key to creating a successful wiki. Collaboration means you work together to build, design and make decisions on a wiki. No one person owns or rules a wiki. Rather, it is built, supported and owned by all participating community members.

Welcome new users

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you meet a new user who accident made an improper edit, be nice! It's better to help explain what they did wrong, so they can learn from you, than to leave them a mean message. Remember back to when you were new, and how far friendly advice can go.

Ask for help

If you are confused or need help, just ask! There is a lot of help all around you on Wikia, including our help pages, forums, administrators and staff. No question is too small!

Play Nice!

Being friendly and nice goes a long way, no matter where you are. Say hello to others, provide help where you can, and ask others if you need assistance. Simply being nice can greatly impact the growth and success of a wiki community. If you disagree with someone, stay calm! We will work things out. Refrain from name-calling and obscene language.


Always discuss before inserting information and/or moving them. Pages are always set up the way they are for a reason. This also applies to inserting the delete tag. If you think the page needs to be deleted, then leave a topic in Category talk:Candidates for deletion in order for a better community.


What not to do

Don't plagiarize content

If you are bringing content to Wikia or taking it from here (or to another wiki), please remember to cite the authors properly. Don't assume that everything on the Internet is open for the taking. Make sure you have permission to use something before you copy it, and follow the rules for attribution when you do reuse. Everyone likes credit for their hard work!

No Spam/Adult Content

This should go without saying, but it must be said. Absolutely no spam or adult content of any kind. That includes instances like linking to your website if it contains no vital information, or putting in multiple links where they are unnecessary. Any Adult Content will be removed immediately and the contributer will be blocked and/or banned.

No Vandalism

Do not insert any vandalism into pages. Any vandals will be blocked immediately after contributing with vandalism, or maybe even worse. Global blocks partly happen because there are many vandals around the internet. If you found any people creating vandalism, then please report it to the VSTF Wiki.

No perishing blocks

Do not let block reasons contain mean words. Administrators have their rights because they are trusted to have a few more buttons than regular users. Anyone who creates block reasons that are not unreasonable should be caught to a staff, VSTF, or helper. No words such as suck or fuck should be considered as a block reason no matter how harmful the contributer is.

Don't make personal attacks

Don't make it personal, or post personal information. Wikis are meant to be a place to collaborate with others on topics that excite you. Any page or wiki meant just as an attack on someone will be removed. Any content that breaks our Terms of Use will be removed and your account may be disabled. This includes content posted in articles and messages to other users.

Don't insert false information

Though other contributers might insert false information, we don't want you to be it. Anyone who has inserted false information (including administrators) can lead to their user being blocked. If you find anyone inserting them, then please contact an admin listed in Special:ListAdmins.

No Intimidating behavior/harassment

You should not ever create harassment to other contributions. Intimidating behaviors are also banned. One of the major block reasons are intimidating behavior/harassment which nobody want to happen on their wiki/wikis.