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Imagine driving your car in a magical world of music, what will it feel like? Like Isle of Tune!
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General Description

The Car Tool is a tool in Isle of Tune used to create music. It is a car image in a blue circle in the iOS version, but has a green background in the website. Select the tool and place it on the road, then click on go and you can hear some tuned music if you have objects next to the road your car is traveling on. When using the website, you will notice the car gradually changes colours as it moves, and starts with a different colour while placed. But the iOS version, there are 3 car speed settings: blue is regular speed, green is 2x speed, and red is 1/2 speed.

Blue Car 01Blue Car 02Blue Car 03Blue Car 04
Blue Car 05Blue Car 06Blue Car 07Blue Car 08

Green Car 01Green Car 02Green Car 03Green Car 04
Green Car 05Green Car 06Green Car 07Green Car 08

Red Car 01Red Car 02Red Car 03Red Car 04
Red Car 05Red Car 06Red Car 07Red Car 08